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New Jersey First Chinese Baptist Church of Edison
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ROCK Photo Gallery
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Writing encouragements
while watching JAMS
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Hanging out
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Acting silly
last night
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~ Reunited with old friends ~
saying goodbyes
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Christina & Wendy
main worship area
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Getting in place to take group picture
Teen ECBC 2006
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So how does World Vision help poor communities?
By providing clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, education, and helping people become self-sustaining.
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Explaining how things are done
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Eager bidders!
Dessert Aunction for World Vision 2006
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Easter 2006 Baptism
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Revolve Tour: Nov 3-4, 2006
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Rebecca says "SMILE!"
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Waiting for the train at Metropark
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Pagoda in Chinatown
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